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  1. Abstract A variety of precise experiments have been carried out to establish the character of the superconducting state in Sr 2 RuO 4 . Many of these appear to imply contradictory conclusions concerning the symmetries of this state. Here we propose that these results can be reconciled if we assume that there is a near-degeneracy between a $${d}_{{x}^{2}-{y}^{2}}$$ d x 2 − y 2 (B 1 g in group theory nomenclature) and a $${g}_{xy({x}^{2}-{y}^{2})}$$ g x y ( x 2 − y 2 ) (A 2 g ) superconducting state. From a weak-coupling perspective, such an accidental degeneracy can occur at a point at which a balance between the on-site and nearest-neighbor repulsions triggers a d -wave to g -wave transition.