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  1. In both power system transient stability and electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulations, up to 90% of the computational time is devoted to solve the network equations, i.e., a set of linear equations. Traditional approaches are based on sparse LU factorization, which is inherently sequential. In this paper, EMT simulation is considered and an inverse-based network solution is proposed by a hierarchical method for computing and store the approximate inverse of the conductance matrix. The proposed method can also efficiently update the inverse by modifying only local sub-matrices to reflect changes in the network, e.g., loss of a line. Experiments on a series of simplified 179-bus Western Interconnection demonstrate the advantages of the proposed methods.
  2. Jadbabaie, Ali ; Lygeros, John ; Pappas, George J. ; Parrilo, Pablo ; Recht, Benjamin ; Scaramuzza, Davide ; Tomlin, Claire J. ; Zeilinger, Melanie N. (Ed.)