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  1. Abstract Information processing under conditions of uncertainty requires the involvement of cognitive control. Despite behavioral evidence of the supramodal function (i.e., independent of sensory modality) of cognitive control, the underlying neural mechanism needs to be directly tested. This study used functional magnetic imaging together with visual and auditory perceptual decision-making tasks to examine brain activation as a function of uncertainty in the two stimulus modalities. The results revealed a monotonic increase in activation in the cortical regions of the cognitive control network (CCN) as a function of uncertainty in the visual and auditory modalities. The intrinsic connectivity between the CCNmore »and sensory regions was similar for the visual and auditory modalities. Furthermore, multivariate patterns of activation in the CCN predicted the level of uncertainty within and across stimulus modalities. These findings suggest that the CCN implements cognitive control by processing uncertainty as abstract information independent of stimulus modality.« less