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  1. While many online resources teach basic web development, few are designed to help novices learn the CSS concepts and design patterns experts use to implement complex visual fea- tures. Professional webpages embed these design patterns and could serve as rich learning materials, but their stylesheets are complex and difficult for novices to understand. This paper presents Ply, a CSS inspection tool that helps novices use their visual intuition to make sense of professional webpages. We introduce a new visual relevance testing technique to identify properties that have visual effects on the page, which Ply uses to hide visually irrelevant code and surface unintuitive relation- ships between properties. In user studies, Ply helped novice developers replicate complex web features 50% faster than those using Chrome Developer Tools, and allowed novices to recognize and explain unfamiliar concepts. These results show that visual inspection tools can support learning from complex professional webpages, even for novice developers.