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  1. Abstract

    We provide a global, long-term carbon flux dataset of gross primary production and ecosystem respiration generated using meta-learning, calledMetaFlux. The idea behind meta-learning stems from the need to learn efficiently given sparse data by learning how to learn broad features across tasks to better infer other poorly sampled ones. Using meta-trained ensemble of deep models, we generate global carbon products on daily and monthly timescales at a 0.25-degree spatial resolution from 2001 to 2021, through a combination of reanalysis and remote-sensing products. Site-level validation finds that MetaFlux ensembles have lower validation error by 5–7% compared to their non-meta-trained counterparts. In addition, they are more robust to extreme observations, with 4–24% lower errors. We also checked for seasonality, interannual variability, and correlation to solar-induced fluorescence of the upscaled product and found that MetaFlux outperformed other machine-learning based carbon product, especially in the tropics and semi-arids by 10–40%. Overall, MetaFlux can be used to study a wide range of biogeochemical processes.

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  2. Geostationary satellite reveals the asymmetrical impact of heatwaves on plant diurnal photosynthesis at the continental scale. 
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    Free, publicly-accessible full text available August 4, 2024