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  1. Abstract

    Mixed‐matrix membranes (MMMs) have been studied widely in the field of gas separation due to their potential to overcome performance barriers found in traditional polymeric membranes. Most polymeric membranes exhibit a trade‐off between permeation and selectivity, which has limited their development in many challenging separation applications. One solution to this issue utilizes the introduction of fillers into the polymer matrix to produce MMMs. Out of the many different fillers, metal–organic frameworks stand out as a promising candidate due to their highly tunable structure, molecular sieving effect, and superior compatibility with the polymer matrix. This review will provide an in‐depth look into the basic mechanisms of MMMs for gas separation and different approaches to model the permeation of gases through the membrane. In addition, challenges facing the field and recent research trends for MMMs will be discussed as well as their many applications for different gas separations. Finally, some insight on the future direction for MMMs will be covered, focusing on many intriguing opportunities and challenges that must be further explored to advance this technology.