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  1. With the rapid advancement of edge computing and network function virtualization, it is promising to provide flexible and low-latency network services at the edge. However, due to the vulnerability of edge services and the volatility of edge computing system states, i.e., service request rates, failure rates, and resource prices, it is challenging to minimize the online service cost while providing the availability guarantee. This paper considers the problem of online virtual network function backup under availability constraints (OVBAC) for cost minimization in edge environments. We formulate the problem based on the characteristics of the volatility system states derived from real-world data and show the hardness of the formulated problem. We use an online backup deployment scheme named Drift-Plus-Penalty (DPP) with provable near-optimal performance for the AVBAC problem. In particular, DPP needs to solve an integer programming problem at the beginning of each time slot. We propose a dynamic programming-based algorithm that can optimally solve the problem in pseudo-polynomial time. Extensive real-world data-driven simulations demonstrate that DPP significantly outperforms popular baselines used in practice. 
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