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  1. Abstract

    The abundance and distribution of44Ti tells us about the nature of the core-collapse supernovae explosions. There is a need to understand the nuclear reaction network creating and destroying44Ti in order to use it as a probe for the explosive mechanism. The44Ti(α, p)47V reaction is a very important reaction and it controls the destruction of44Ti. Difficulties with direct measurements have led to an attempt to study this reaction indirectly. Here, the first step of the indirect study which is the identification of levels of the compound nucleus48Cr is presented. A 100-MeV proton beam was incident on a50Cr target. States in48Cr were populated in the50Cr(p, t)48Cr reaction. The tritons were momentum-analysed in the K600 Q2D magnetic spectrometer at iThemba LABS.

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    Free, publicly-accessible full text available September 1, 2024