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  1. We report recent single-shot spatiotemporal measurements of laser pulses, including pulse-front tilt (PFT) and spatial chirp, taken at the Compact Multipulse Terawatt laser at the Jupiter Laser Facility in Livermore, CA. STRIPED FISH, a device that measures the complete 3D electric field of fs to ps laser pulses on a single shot, was adapted to near infrared for these measurements. We present the design of the instrument used for these experiments, the on-shot measurements of systematic high-order PFT, and shot-to-shot variations in the measurements of spatiotemporal couplings. Finally, we simulate the effect of PFT in target normal sheath acceleration experiments. These simulations showed that pulse front tilt can steer hot electrons, shape the distribution of the accelerating sheath field, and increase the variability of cutoff energy in the resulting proton spectra. While these effects may be detrimental to experimental accuracy if the pulse front tilt is left unmeasured, hot electron steering shows promise for precision manipulation of the particle source for a range of applications, including irradiation of secondary targets for opacity measurements, radiography, or neutron generation.

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