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    Abstract In light of recent experimental results, we revisit the dispersive analysis of the $$\omega \rightarrow 3\pi $$ ω → 3 π decay amplitude and of the $$\omega \pi ^0$$ ω π 0 transition form factor. Within the framework of the Khuri–Treiman equations, we show that the $$\omega \rightarrow 3\pi $$ ω → 3 π Dalitz-plot parameters obtained with a once-subtracted amplitude are in agreement with the latest experimental determination by BESIII. Furthermore, we show that at low energies the $$\omega \pi ^0$$ ω π 0 transition form factor obtained from our determination of the $$\omega \rightarrow 3\pi $$ ω → 3 π amplitude is consistent with the data from MAMI and NA60 experiments. 
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