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  1. OceanSpy is an open-source and user-friendly Python package that enables scientists and interested amateurs to analyze and visualize oceanographic data sets. OceanSpy builds on software packages developed by the Pangeo community, in particular Xarray (Hoyer & Hamman, 2017), Dask (Dask Development Team, 2016), and Xgcm (“Xgcm,” n.d.). The integration of Dask facilitates scalability, which is important for the petabyte-scale simulations that are becoming available. OceanSpy can be used as a standalone package for analysis of local circulation model output, or it can be run on a remote data-analysis cluster, such as the Johns Hopkins University SciServer system (Medvedev, Lemson, & Rippin, 2016), which hosts several simulations and is publicly available. OceanSpy enables extraction, processing, and visualization of model data to (i) compare with oceanographic observations, and (ii) portray the kinematic and dynamic space-time properties of the circulation. 
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