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  1. A new N-alkynylated dithieno[3,2- b :2′,3′- d ]pyrrole (DTP) monomer was synthesized using a Buchwald–Hartwig amination of 3,3′-dibromo-2,2′-bithiophene with pent-4-yn-1-amine. The obtained monomer was investigated for the possibility of a pre-polymerization modification via Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition (“click”) reaction with azide-containing organic compounds. The synthesized N-alkynylated DTP monomer is soluble in a number of organic solvents and reacts with organic azides via “click” reactions in mild conditions, achieving high yields. The N-alkynylated DTP monomer and its “click”-modified derivative can be electropolymerized to form polymeric films. Herein, the synthesis and characterization of a “click” modified DTP monomer, its pre-modified derivative, and their corresponding polymers are described. The developed method is a facile route to synthesize a new generation of various N-functionalized DTP homopolymers. 
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  2. Radioluminescent copolymer nanoparticles that self-assembled into a crystalline colloidal array due to electrostatic repulsion were encapsulated within hydrogels. The rejection wavelength of the gels was tuned through drying and swelling the system.

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  3. Due to Coulombic forces, X-ray active copolymer nanoparticles self-assembled into crystalline colloidal arrays which were stabilized through encapsulation in hydrogels. The system was able to emit blue light when pumped with an X-ray source. 
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