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  1. The technological advancements along with the proliferation of smart and connected devices (things) motivated the exploration of the creation of smart cities aimed at improving the quality of life, economic growth, and efficient resource utilization. Some recent initiatives defined a smart city network as the interconnection of the existing independent and heterogeneous networks and the infrastructure. However, considering the heterogeneity of the devices, communication technologies, network protocols, and platforms the interoperability of these networks is a challenge requiring more attention. In this paper, we propose the design of a novel Information-Centric Smart City architecture (iSmart), focusing on the demand ofmore »the future applications, such as efficient machine-to-machine communication, low latency computation offloading, large data communication requirements, andadvanced security. In designing iSmart, we use the Named-Data Networking (NDN) architecture as the underlyingcommunication substrate to promote semantics-based communication and achieve seamless compute/data sharing.« less