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  1. Future gravitational wave detectors (GWDs) require low noise, single frequency, continuous wave lasers with excellent beam quality and powers in excess of 500 W. Low noise laser amplifiers with high spatial purity have been demonstrated up to 300 W. For higher powers, coherent beam combination can overcome scaling limitations. In this Letter we introduce a new, to the best of our knowledge, combination scheme that uses a bow-tie resonator to combine three laser beams with simultaneous spatial filtering performance.

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  2. We report the design and testing of a compression-biased thermally-actuated deformable mirror that has a dynamic range larger than the limit imposed by pure-bending stress, negligible higher-order-mode scattering, and a linear defocus response and that is vacuum compatible. The optimum design principles for this class of actuator are described and a mirror with 370 mD dynamic range is demonstrated.

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  3. Adaptive optics are crucial for overcoming the fabrication limits on mirror curvature in high-precision interferometry. We describe a low-cost thermally actuated bimorph mirror with 200 mD linear response, which meets dynamic range and low aberration requirements for theA+upgrade of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO). Its deformation and operation limits were measured and verified against finite element simulation.

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