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  1. The salt metathesis reaction between one equivalent of SmI2(THF)2 and two equivalents of K(C5Me4H) in THF afforded single crystals of the unusual, toluene-soluble, and asymmetric bimetallic Sm(II)/Sm(II) complex, (C5Me4H)2SmII(μ-η3:η5-C5Me4H)SmII(C5Me4H)(THF)2, instead of the expected product, (C5Me4H)2SmII(THF)2. The toluene-insoluble products of this reaction can be worked up in 1,2-dimethoxyethane (DME) to provide X-ray quality crystals of the monomeric Sm(II) metallocene, (C5Me4H)2SmII(DME). (C5Me4H)2SmII(DME) can also be synthesized directly by the reaction between one equivalent of SmI2(THF)2 and two equivalents of K(C5Me4H) in neat DME. The isolation and characterization of the bimetallic Sm(II)/Sm(II) complex provides supporting evidence for the possible oligomerization that may occur during the synthesis of Sm(II) complexes with cyclopentadienyl ligands that are less sterically bulky and less solubilizing than (C5Me5)1−. 
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  2. The combination of a boron Lewis acid and a decamethylsamarocene, specifically 9,10-Me 2 -9,10-diboraanthracene with (C 5 Me 5 ) 2 Sm II (THF) 2 , in toluene leads to cooperative reductive capture of N 2 . The product crystallizes as the salt, [(C 5 Me 5 ) 2 Sm III (THF) 2 ][(C 5 Me 5 ) 2 Sm III (η 2 -N 2 B 2 C 14 H 14 )], 1, which formally is comprised of an (NN) 2− moiety sandwiched between a [(C 5 Me 5 ) 2 Sm III ] 1+ metallocene cation and the diboraanthracene ditopic Lewis acid. 
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