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  1. We have studied spectra and angular distribution of emission of Rhodamine 6G dye in Fabry-Perot cavities in weak and strong coupling regimes and demonstrated control of the strong coupling with the pumping intensity.
  2. We found that inhibition of concentration quenching of HITC dye in Fabry-Perot cavities is almost similar to that on top of silver. Low convexity of the emission kinetics suggests strong coupling mediated by surface plasmons.
  3. We have synthesized a series of near-infrared rare-earth doped organic materials for nanophotonics applications and studied their absorption and emission properties. The developed materials show promise as research tools and (meta)device components.
  4. We show that concentration quenching of emission of dye molecules – an energy transfer to quenching centers – is inhibited in subwavelength Fabry-Perot cavities (or metal-insulator-metal, MIM, waveguides).
  5. We studied emission kinetics of HITC dye in disordered metal-dielectric environments and found that the latter, contrary to expectations, can reverse emission kinetics shortening in highly concentrated dyes, caused by a combination of relaxation processes.