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  1. Abstract

    A new type of a positive tone chemically amplified photoresist based on well‐defined, sequence‐controlled polypeptoids with ten repeat‐units are synthesized and their potential for extreme‐UV lithography (EUVL) is demonstrated, resulting in line‐space patterns of 70 nm pitch. The synthesized samples contain 4‐(ethyl) phenol (Eph) and propyne (Ppy) side chains, while their change in solubility upon exposure is induced by the deprotection of 4‐(ethyl) phenol side groups. The resist performance is evaluated using deep UV and extreme‐UV lithography. While all samples are developable in isopropyl alcohol, the content, and the sequence of hydrophobic alkyne side chains lead to a detectable change in solubility, dissolution rate, and resist performance.

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