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  1. This paper presents the design of a three-phase three-limb high-efficiency medium-voltage medium-frequency transformer with an integrated leakage layer using ribbon-based nanocrystalline cores for three-phase grid-connected applications. The design methodology is based on a custom-core approach developed by a series of design equations that allow the user to select a design that best fits the transformer specifications. A 150kVA 10-kHz 5-kV-to-400-V three-phase three-limb transformer is designed to validate the proposed design method. In addition, a series of experimental characterisation tests are conducted to measure the performance of the design according do the theoretical performance.
  2. This work presents the modeling and characterization of 10-kV SiC MOSFET modules used for medium-voltage distribution system applications. In addition to the nonlinear junction capacitances of the devices, the model includes the non-linearities present at steady-state like transfer characteristics and the behavior in the Ohmic region, which allows to increase the accuracy of the SiC MOSFET model. Furthermore, the parasitic inductances in the circuit (such as the source inductance shared by the power stage and driver loop and the drain inductance) are considered in the model since it has been demonstrated previously that it influences the total losses. By using the proposed model, the calculated voltage and current transients show a good match with the experimental results.