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    Transfer learning that adapts a model trained on data-rich sources to low-resource targets has been widely applied in natural language processing (NLP). However, when training a transfer model over multiple sources, not every source is equally useful for the target. To better transfer a model, it is essential to understand the values of the sources. In this paper, we develop , an efficient source valuation framework for quantifying the usefulness of the sources (e.g., ) in transfer learning based on the Shapley value method. Experiments and comprehensive analyses on both cross-domain and cross-lingual transfers demonstrate that our framework is not only effective in choosing useful transfer sources but also the source values match the intuitive source-target similarity. 
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  2. We design a generic framework for learning a robust text classification model that achieves high accuracy under different selection budgets (a.k.a selection rates) at test-time. We take a different approach from existing methods and learn to dynamically filter a large fraction of unimportant words by a low-complexity selector such that any high-complexity state-of-art classifier only needs to process a small fraction of text, relevant for the target task. To this end, we propose a data aggregation method to train the classifier, allowing it to achieve competitive performance on fractured sentences. On four benchmark text classification tasks, we demonstrate that the framework gains consistent speedup with little degradation in accuracy on various selection budgets. 
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