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  1. 60 GHz millimeter-wave WLANs are gaining traction with their ability to provide multi-gigabit per second data rates. In spite of their potential, link outages due to human body blockage remain a challenging outstanding problem. In this work, we propose mmChoir, a novel proactive blockage mitigation technique that utilizes joint transmissions from multiple Access Points (APs) to provide blockage resilience to clients. We derive a new reliability metric based on angular spread of incoming paths to a client and their blockage probabilities. The metric can be used to intelligently select joint transmissions that can provide higher reliability. The reliability metric along with a novel interference estimation model, is used by mmChoir's scheduler to judiciously schedule joint transmissions, and increase network capacity and reliability. Our testbed and trace-driven simulations show that mmChoir can outperform existing beamswitching based blockage mitigation scheme with on an average 58% higher network throughput. 
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