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  2. Abstract

    Programming inflatable systems to deform to desired 3D shapes opens up multifarious applications in robotics, morphing architecture, and interventional medicine. This work elicits complex deformations by attaching discrete strain limiters to cylindrical hyperelastic inflatables. Using this system, a method is presented to solve the inverse problem of programming myriad 3D centerline curves upon inflation. The method entails two steps: first, a reduced‐order model generates a conceptual solution giving coarse indications of strain limiter placement on the undeformed cylindrical inflatable. This low‐fidelity solution then seeds a finite element simulation nested within an optimization loop to further tune strain limiter parameters. We leverage this framework to achieve functionality through a priori programmed deformations of cylindrical inflatables, including 3D curve matching, self‐tying knotting, and manipulation. The results hold broad significance for the emerging computational design of inflatable systems.

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