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  1. A nondispersive, conservative regularisation of the inviscid Burgers equation is proposed and studied. Inspired by a related regularisation of the shallow water system recently introduced by Clamond and Dutykh, the new regularisation provides a family of Galilean-invariant interpolants between the inviscid Burgers equation and the Hunter-Saxton equation. It admits weakly singular regularised shocks and cusped traveling-wave weak solutions. The breakdown of local smooth solutions is demonstrated, and the existence of two types of global weak solutions, conserving or dissipating an H1 energy, is established. Dissipative solutions satisfy an Oleinik inequality like entropy solutions of the inviscid Burgers equation. As the regularisation scale parameter tends to zero or infinity, limits of dissipative solutions are shown to satisfy the inviscid Burgers or Hunter-Saxton equation respectively, forced by an unknown remaining term.
    Free, publicly-accessible full text available May 30, 2023