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    The implementation of full-duplex (FD) theoretically doubles the spectral efficiency of cellular communications. We propose a multiuser FD cellular network relying on an intelligent reflecting surface (IRS). The IRS is deployed to cover a dead zone while suppressing user-side self-interference (SI) and co-channel interference (CI) by carefully tuning the phase shifts of its massive low-cost passive reflection elements. To ensure network fairness, we aim to maximize the weighted minimum rate (WMR) of all users by jointly optimizing the precoding matrix of the base station (BS) and the reflection coefficients of the IRS. Specifically, we propose a low-complexity minorization-maximization (MM) algorithm for solving the subproblems of designing the precoding matrix and the reflection coefficients, respectively. Simulation results confirm the convergence and efficiency of our proposed algorithm, and validate the advantages of introducing IRS to realize FD cellular communications. 
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