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    This method for extracting protein from ground coral samples is based on the Bradford assay for the colorimetric detection and quantification of total protein (Bradford, 1976) and is compared to a known standard dilution of bovine serum albumin (BSA). Pierce Inc. and Bio-Rad have developed the reagents and standards necessary for completing the extraction. There are five parts to quantifying total soluble protein in ground corals: 1) grind and sub-sample the coral and store at -80 °C until ready to extract, 2) solubilize protein via cell disruption [detergent lysis and freeze-thaw lysis], 3) separate the dissolved protein from tissue and skeletal particles, 4) quantify the protein concentration via Bradford microassay procedure, and 5) standardize the protein concentration to ashfree dry weight (AFDW). This method was originally developed by Rowan McLachlan with the assistance of Jamie Price and Kerri Dobson and with the guidance of Dr. Noah Weisleder and Andréa Grottoli at The Ohio State University. This protocol was written by Rowan McLachlan and reviewed by all co-authors. 
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