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  1. Abstract We develop a method for calculating the persistence landscapes of affine fractals using the parameters of the corresponding transformations. Given an iterated function system of affine transformations that satisfies a certain compatibility condition, we prove that there exists an affine transformation acting on the space of persistence landscapes, which intertwines the action of the iterated function system. This latter affine transformation is a strict contraction and its unique fixed point is the persistence landscape of the affine fractal. We present several examples of the theory as well as confirm the main results through simulations.
    Free, publicly-accessible full text available January 1, 2023
  2. We introduce a novel methodology for anomaly detection in time-series data. The method uses persistence diagrams and bottleneck distances to identify anomalies. Specifically, we generate multiple predictors by randomly bagging the data (reference bags), then for each data point replacing the data point for a randomly chosen point in each bag (modified bags). The predictors then are the set of bottleneck distances for the reference/modified bag pairs. We prove the stability of the predictors as the number of bags increases. We apply our methodology to traffic data and measure the performance for identifying known incidents.