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  1. Faggioli, G. ; Ferro, N. ; Hanbury, A. ; Potthast, M. (Ed.)
    This paper describes the participation of Morgan_CS in both Concept Detection and Caption Prediction tasks under the ImageCLEFmedical 2022 Caption task. The task required participants to automatically identifying the presence and location of relevant concepts and composing coherent captions for the entirety of an image in a large corpus which is a subset of the extended Radiology Objects in COntext (ROCO) dataset. Our implementation is motivated by using encoder-decoder based sequence-to-sequence model for caption and concept generation using both pre-trained Text and Vision Transformers (ViTs). In addition, the Concept Detection task is also considered as a multi concept labels classification problem where several deep learning architectures with “sigmoid” activation are used to enable multilabel classification with Keras. We have successfully submitted eight runs for the Concept Detection task and four runs for the Caption Prediction task. For the Concept Detection Task, our best model achieved an F1 score of 0.3519 and for the Caption Prediction Task, our best model achieved a BLEU Score of 0.2549 while using a fusion of Transformers.
    Free, publicly-accessible full text available August 9, 2023