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  1. Abstract

    The analysis of linear ill-posed problems often is carried out in function spaces using tools from functional analysis. However, the numerical solution of these problems typically is computed by first discretizing the problem and then applying tools from finite-dimensional linear algebra. The present paper explores the feasibility of applying the Chebfun package to solve ill-posed problems with a regularize-first approach numerically. This allows a user to work with functions instead of vectors and with integral operators instead of matrices. The solution process therefore is much closer to the analysis of ill-posed problems than standard linear algebra-based solution methods. Furthermore, the difficult process of explicitly choosing a suitable discretization is not required.

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  3. Non-stationary regularizing preconditioners have recently been proposed for the acceleration of classical iterative methods for the solution of linear discrete ill-posed problems. This paper explores how these preconditioners can be combined with the flexible GMRES iterative method. A new structure-respecting strategy to construct a sequence of regularizing preconditioners is proposed. We show that flexible GMRES applied with these preconditioners is able to restore images that have been contaminated by strongly non-symmetric blur, while several other iterative methods fail to do this. 
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