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    The realization of efficient, robust, and adaptable applications for the emergent Internet of Underwater Things enables the sustainable and effective conservation and exploitation of our oceans and waterways. Recent advances have fo- cused on Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) physical layers for supporting applications requiring high data rates and swift adaptation to changing underwater conditions. This prompts the need of tools for testing new OFDM-enabled underwater solutions. To this aim, this paper presents the implementation and evaluation of an OFDM-based physical layer module for the popular underwater network simulator DESERT. We aim at modeling the flexibility of the software-defined acoustic SEANet modem by realizing OFDM features that can vary in time, including the number and the selection of subcarriers and their modulation on a per-transmission basis. We demonstrate the usage of the proposed module through the DESERT-based simulation of three simple OFDM-enabled cross-layer MAC protocols in underwater acoustic networks of different sizes. The diverse and detailed set of results are obtained by using our physical layer module simply and swiftly. Our results also confirm the advantages of using the OFDM technology in solutions for underwater networking in challenging environments. 
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