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  1. Abstract

    As the need for green energy increases, particularly solar energy, perovskite‐based devices have become a promising alternative to more complex, costly semiconductor‐based photovoltaic devices. The major advantage of perovskite‐based devices is their relatively facile fabrication as a thin film at fairly low temperatures and their tunable optoelectronic properties. The chemical composition of perovskite structures, solvent and heat treatments used in processing, additives, and deposition methods produce films with different morphologies. Their ability to be used with other organic and inorganic subcells makes them a useful component for an efficient, cost‐effective approach to harvest solar energy. This review presents some of the latest approaches and considerations for the fabrication, architecture, and performance of perovskite‐based solar cells. Various perovskite device architectures are discussed, as well as the effects of environmental conditions on performance and degradation.

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