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  2. We study the electron-impact induced ionization of O 2 from threshold to 120 eV using the electron spectroscopy method. Our approach is simple in concept and embodies the ion source with a collision chamber and a mass spectrometer with a quadruple filter as a selector for the product ions. The combination of these two devices makes it possible to unequivocally collect all energetic fragment ions formed in ionization and dissociative processes and to detect them with known efficiency. The ion source allows varying and tuning the electron-impact ionization energy and the target-gas pressure. We demonstrate that for obtaining reliable results of cross-sections for inelastic processes and determining mechanisms for the formation of O[Formula: see text] ions, it is crucial to control the electron-impact energy for production of ion and the pressure in the ion source. A comparison of our results with other experimental and theoretical data shows good agreement and proves the validity of our approach. 
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