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  1. The digitization of legacy infrastructure constitutes an important component of smart cities. While most cities worldwide possess digital maps of their transportation infrastructure, few have accurate digital information on their electric, natural gas, telecom, water, wastewater, and district heating and cooling systems. Digitizing data on legacy infrastructure systems comes with several challenges such as missing data, data conversion issues, data inconsistency, differences in the data format, spatio-temporal resolutions, structure, semantics and syntax, difficulty in providing controlled access to the datasets, and so on. Therefore, we introduce GUIDES, a new data conversion and management framework for urban infrastructure systems, which is comprised of big data analytics, efficient data management techniques, semantic web technologies, methods to ensure information security, and tools that aid visual analytics. The proposed framework facilitates: (i) mapping of urban infrastructure systems; (ii) integration of heterogeneous geospatial data; (iii) a secured way of storing, analyzing and querying data while preserving the semantics; (iv) qualitative and quantitative analysis over several spatio-temporal resolutions; and (v) visualization of static (e.g., land use) and dynamic (e.g., road traffic) information.