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    In the last few years, the field of data science has been growing rapidly as various businesses have adopted statistical and machine learning techniques to empower their decision-making and applications. Scaling data analyses to large volumes of data requires the utilization of distributed frameworks. This can lead to serious technical challenges for data analysts and reduce their productivity. AFrame, a data analytics library, is implemented as a layer on top of Apache AsterixDB, addressing these issues by providing the data scientists' familiar interface, Pandas Dataframe, and transparently scaling out the evaluation of analytical operations through a Big Data management system. While AFrame is able to leverage data management facilities (e.g., indexes and query optimization) and allows users to interact with a large volume of data, the initial version only generated SQL++ queries and only operated against AsterixDB. In this work, we describe a new design that retargets AFrame's incremental query formation to other query-based database systems, making it more flexible for deployment against other data management systems with composable query languages. 
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  2. Analyzing the increasingly large volumes of data that are available today, possibly including the application of custom machine learning models, requires the utilization of distributed frameworks. This can result in serious productivity issues for “normal” data scientists. This paper introduces AFrame, a new scalable data analysis package powered by a Big Data management system that extends the data scientists' familiar DataFrame operations to efficiently operate on managed data at scale. AFrame is implemented as a layer on top of Apache AsterixDB, transparently scaling out the execution of DataFrame operations and machine learning model invocation through a parallel, shared-nothing big data management system. AFrame incrementally constructs SQL++ queries and leverages AsterixDB's semistructured data management facilities, user-defined function support, and live data ingestion support. In order to evaluate the proposed approach, this paper also introduces an extensible micro-benchmark for use in evaluating DataFrame performance in both single-node and distributed settings via a collection of representative analytic operations. This paper presents the architecture of AFrame, describes the underlying capabilities of AsterixDB that efficiently support modern data analytic operations, and utilizes the proposed benchmark to evaluate and compare the performance and support for largescale data analyses provided by alternative DataFrame libraries. 
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