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  1. We report a 250-fold photoluminescence enhancement of VB-spin-defects in hBN by coupling them to nanopatch antennas (NPA). Considering the relative size of the NPAs and laser-spot, an actual enhancement of 1695 times is determined.

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  2. We demonstrate 120-fold photoluminescence enhancement of VB-spin defects in hBN by coupling them to nanopatch antennas. Since the laser spot is 6.25 times larger than the antenna area, the actual enhancement is 750-fold.

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    The recently discovered spin defects in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), a layered van der Waals material, have great potential in quantum sensing. However, the photoluminescence and the contrast of the optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) of hBN spin defects are relatively low so far, which limits their sensitivity. Here we report a record-high ODMR contrast of 46% at room temperature and simultaneous enhancement of the photoluminescence of hBN spin defects by up to 17-fold by the surface plasmon of a gold film microwave waveguide. Our results are obtained with shallow boron vacancy spin defects in hBN nanosheets created by low-energy He+ ion implantation and a gold film microwave waveguide fabricated by photolithography. We also explore the effects of microwave and laser powers on the ODMR and improve the sensitivity of hBN spin defects for magnetic field detection. Our results support the promising potential of hBN spin defects for nanoscale quantum sensing. 
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