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    The Córdoba Argentina Marx Meter Array (CAMMA), consisting of 10 second‐generation Huntsville Alabama Marx Meter Array (HAMMA 2) sensors, operated at Córdoba, Argentina, during the Remote sensing of Electrification, Lightning, And Mesoscale/microscale Processes with Adaptive Ground Observations (RELAMPAGO) field campaign in late 2018. Initial results obtained from the campaign demonstrate that the new sensor is able to provide a significantly more detailed depiction of various lightning processes than its first generation. The lightning flashes mapped by the CAMMA and a colocated Lightning Mapping Array (LMA) were compared. The overall flash structures mapped by the CAMMA and the LMA look similar for most of the flashes. However, comparisons at smaller time scale show that the majority of CAMMA and LMA sources are not concurrent, indicating that unmatched sources were possibly due to different physical processes in leader propagation dominating different frequencies and differences in data processing and location techniques.