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  1. A bstract Charged lepton flavor violation is forbidden in the Standard Model but possible in several new physics scenarios. In many of these models, the radiative decays τ ± → ℓ ± γ ( ℓ = e, μ ) are predicted to have a sizeable probability, making them particularly interesting channels to search at various experiments. An updated search via τ ± → ℓ ± γ using full data of the Belle experiment, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 988 fb − 1 , is reported for charged lepton flavor violation. No significant excess over background predictions from the Standardmore »Model is observed, and the upper limits on the branching fractions, $$ \mathcal{B} $$ B ( τ ± → μ ± γ ) ≤ 4 . 2 × 10 − 8 and $$ \mathcal{B} $$ B ( τ ± → e ± γ ) ≤ 5 . 6 × 10 − 8 , are set at 90% confidence level.« less
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  2. The spongiolactones are marine natural products with an unusual rearranged spongiane skeleton and a fused β-lactone ring. These compounds have potential anticancer properties but their mode of action has yet to be explored. Here we employ activity-based protein profiling to identify the targets of a more potent spongiolactone derivative in live cancer cells, and compare these to the targets of a simpler β-lactone. These hits provide the first insights into the covalent mechanism of action of this natural product class.
  3. Free, publicly-accessible full text available September 1, 2022
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