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  1. Abstract

    Interspecies grafting is an economically relevant technique that allows beneficial shoot and root combinations from separate species to be combined. One hypothesis for the basis of graft compatibility revolves around taxonomic relatedness. To test how phylogenetic distance affects interspecific graft compatibility within the economically important Solanaceae subfamily, Solanoideae, we characterized the anatomical and biophysical integrity of graft junctions between four species: tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), eggplant (Solanum melongena), pepper (Capsicum annuum), and groundcherry (Physalis pubescens). We analyzed the survival, growth, integrity, and cellular composition of the graft junctions. Utilizing various techniques, we were able to quantitatively assess compatibility among the interspecific grafts. Even though most of our graft combinations could survive, we show that only intrageneric combinations between tomato and eggplant are compatible. Unlike incompatible grafts, the formation of substantial vascular reconnections between tomato and eggplant in the intrageneric heterografts likely contributed to biophysically stable grafts. Furthermore, we identified 10 graft combinations that show delayed incompatibility, providing a useful system to pursue deeper work into graft compatibility. This work provides new evidence that graft compatibility may be limited to intrageneric combinations within the Solanoideae subfamily. Further research amongst additional Solanaceous species can be used to test the extent to whichmore »our hypothesis applies to this family.

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