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  1. Module for ab initio structure evolution (MAISE) is an open-source package for materials modeling and prediction. The code’s main feature is an automated generation of neural network (NN) interatomic potentials for use in global structure searches. The systematic construction of Behler–Parrinello-type NN models approximating ab initio energy and forces relies on two approaches introduced in our recent studies. An evolutionary sampling scheme for generating reference structures improves the NNs’ mapping of regions visited in unconstrained searches, while a stratified training approach enables the creation of standardized NN models for multiple elements. A more flexible NN architecture proposed here expands themore »applicability of the stratified scheme for an arbitrary number of elements. The full workflow in the NN development is managed with a customizable ‘MAISE-NET’ wrapper written in Python. The global structure optimization capability in MAISE is based on an evolutionary algorithm applicable for nanoparticles, films, and bulk crystals. A multitribe extension of the algorithm allows for an efficient simultaneous optimization of nanoparticles in a given size range. Implemented structure analysis functions include fingerprinting with radial distribution functions and finding space groups with the SPGLIB tool. This work overviews MAISE’s available features, constructed models, and confirmed predictions.« less