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  1. The trend toward soft wearable robotic systems creates a compelling need for new and reliable sensor systems that do not require a rigid mounting frame. Despite the growing use of inertial measurement units (IMUs) in motion tracking applications, sensor drift and IMU-to-segment misalignment still represent major problems in applications requiring high accuracy. This paper proposes a novel 2-step calibration method which takes advantage of the periodic nature of human locomotion to improve the accuracy of wearable inertial sensors in measuring lower-limb joint angles. Specifically, the method was applied to the determination of the hip joint angles during walking tasks. The accuracy and precision of the calibration method were accessed in a group of N = 8 subjects who walked with a custom-designed inertial motion capture system at 85% and 115% of their comfortable pace, using an optical motion capture system as reference. In light of its low computational complexity and good accuracy, the proposed approach shows promise for embedded applications, including closed-loop control of soft wearable robotic systems.