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  2. We perform numerical experiments of damped quasi-dynamic fault slip that include a rate-and-state behavior at steady state to simulate earthquakes and a plastic rheology to model permanent strain. The model shear zone has a finite width which represents a natural fault zone. Here we reproduce fast and slow events that follow theoretical and observational scaling relationships for earthquakes and slow slip events (SSEs). We show that the transition between fast and slow slip occurs when the friction drop in the shear zone is equal to a critical value, Δμc. With lower friction drops, SSEs use nearly all of mechanical work to accumulate inelastic strain, while with higher friction drops fast slips use some of the mechanical work to slip frictionally. Our new formulation replaces the state evolution of rate and state by the stress evolution concurrent with accumulation of permanent damage in and around a fault zone. 
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  3. Free, publicly-accessible full text available September 1, 2024