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  1. Free, publicly-accessible full text available February 7, 2025
  2. Demonstrated is the successful A 2 + B 2 RAFT step-growth polymerization of bis-acrylamides using a bifunctional trithiocarbonate chain transfer agent as the comonomer. Remarkably, homopropagation typical of acrylamides leading to branching and crosslinking was not observed. Moreover, synthesized poly(acrylamides) can be degraded by simply adding excess ethanolamine or PBu 3 . 
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  3. The reaction of Ph 3 PAuN 3 with 9-Ph-9-borafluorene resulted in complexation of the azide to boron while a gold acetylide reacted with 9-Ph-9-borafluorene to insert the acetylide carbon to access a six-membered boracycle with an exocyclic double bond. 
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