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  1. State-of-the-art many-body wave function techniques rely on heuristics to achieve high accuracy at an attainable computational cost to solve the many-body Schrödinger equation. By far, the most common property used to assess accuracy has been the total energy; however, total energies do not give a complete picture of electron correlation. In this work, we assess the von Neumann entropy of the one-particle reduced density matrix (1-RDM) to compare selected configuration interaction (CI), coupled cluster, variational Monte Carlo, and fixed-node diffusion Monte Carlo for benchmark hydrogen chains. A new algorithm, the circle reject method, is presented, which improves the efficiency of evaluating the von Neumann entropy using quantum Monte Carlo by several orders of magnitude. The von Neumann entropy of the 1-RDM and the eigenvalues of the 1-RDM are shown to distinguish between the dynamic correlation introduced by the Jastrow and the static correlation introduced by determinants with large weights, confirming some of the lore in the field concerning the difference between the selected CI and Slater–Jastrow wave functions.

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  2. We describe a new open-source Python-based package for high accuracy correlated electron calculations using quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) in real space: PyQMC. PyQMC implements modern versions of QMC algorithms in an accessible format, enabling algorithmic development and easy implementation of complex workflows. Tight integration with the PySCF environment allows for a simple comparison between QMC calculations and other many-body wave function techniques, as well as access to high accuracy trial wave functions.

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