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  1. Optical vortex beams, with phase singularity characterized by a topological charge (TC), introduces a new dimension for optical communication, quantum information, and optical light manipulation. However, the evaluation of TCs after beam propagation remains a substantial challenge, impeding practical applications. Here, we introduce vortices in lateral arrays (VOILA), a novel spatial multiplexing approach that enables simultaneous transmission of a lateral array of multiple vortices. Leveraging advanced learning techniques, VOILA effectively decodes TCs, even in the presence of strong optical nonlinearities simulated experimentally. Notably, our approach achieves substantial improvements in single-shot bandwidth, surpassing single-vortex scheme by several orders of magnitude. Furthermore, our system exhibits precise fractional TC recognition in both linear and nonlinear regimes, providing possibilities for high-bandwidth communication. The capabilities of VOILA promise transformative contributions to optical information processing and structured light research, with significant potential for advancements in diverse fields.

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