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  1. SQL injections remain a serious security threat to applications using databases. In this experience paper, we report on teaching SQL injection hands-on using the EDURange platform in two diferent undergraduate courses, Web Development and Databases. We analyze the results from a voluntary survey with answers from 17 students who took the Web Development course and from 8 students who took the Database course. We focus our discussion around several lessons we learned, including the importance of guiding questions, covering unions and padding, and how to deal with the possibility of students adversely modifying the learning environment. 
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  2. Abstract

    Zinc‐neutralized sulfonated EPDM ionomers (Zn‐SEPDM) were prepared by batch and continuous melt sulfonation processes, and the ionomer products were compared with ionomers synthesized by sulfonation of EPDM in homogeneous solution. The efficiency of a batch melt sulfonation using an intensive mixer as a reactor was comparable to that of the solution sulfonation process, but the efficiency of the melt sulfonation in a twin‐screw extruder was considerably lower, which was thought to be a consequence of a relatively short reaction residence time due to limitations of the equipment. Melt neutralization was not complete, which produced a dark colored product. However, the incomplete neutralization and the color of the product did not affect the mechanical properties of the melt sulfonated ionomers, which were comparable to those of ionomers made by conventional solution sulfonation. The metal sulfonate concentration alone determined the mechanical properties of the ionomer. Melt sulfonation of Zn‐SEPDM ionomers by batch or continuous melt processes appears to be a practical alternative to solution sulfonation, but further optimization of the melt sulfonation processes is needed to ensure uniform sulfonation and complete neutralization.

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  3. Free, publicly-accessible full text available May 1, 2024