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  1. Deep operator network (DeepONet) has demonstrated great success in various learning tasks, including learning solution operators of partial differential equations. In particular, it pro- vides an efficient approach to predict the evolution equations in a finite time horizon. Nevertheless, the vanilla DeepONet suffers from the issue of stability degradation in the long- time prediction. This paper proposes a transfer-learning aided DeepONet to enhance the stability. Our idea is to use transfer learning to sequentially update the DeepONets as the surro- gates for propagators learned in different time frames. The evolving DeepONets can better track the varying complexities of the evolution equations, while only need to be updated by efficient training of a tiny fraction of the operator networks. Through systematic experiments, we show that the proposed method not only improves the long-time accuracy of Deep- ONet while maintaining similar computational cost but also substantially reduces the sample size of the training set. 
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