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  1. Abstract

    Previous work on privacy-aware ranking has addressed the minimization of information leakage when scoring topkdocuments, and has not studied on how to retrieve these top documents and their features for ranking. This paper proposes a privacy-aware document retrieval scheme with a two-level inverted index structure. In this scheme, posting records are grouped with bucket tags and runtime query processing produces query-specific tags in order to gather encoded features of matched documents with a privacy protection during index traversal. To thwart leakage-abuse attacks, our design minimizes the chance that a server processes unauthorized queries or identifies document sharing across posting lists through index inspection or across-query association. This paper presents the evaluation and analytic results of the proposed scheme to demonstrate the tradeoffs in its design considerations for privacy, efficiency, and relevance.

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  6. Abstract Effective utilization of wild relatives is key to overcoming challenges in genetic improvement of cultivated tomato, which has a narrow genetic basis; however, current efforts to decipher high-quality genomes for tomato wild species are insufficient. Here, we report chromosome-scale tomato genomes from nine wild species and two cultivated accessions, representative of Solanum section Lycopersicon , the tomato clade. Together with two previously released genomes, we elucidate the phylogeny of Lycopersicon and construct a section-wide gene repertoire. We reveal the landscape of structural variants and provide entry to the genomic diversity among tomato wild relatives, enabling the discovery of a wild tomato gene with the potential to increase yields of modern cultivated tomatoes. Construction of a graph-based genome enables structural-variant-based genome-wide association studies, identifying numerous signals associated with tomato flavor-related traits and fruit metabolites. The tomato super-pangenome resources will expedite biological studies and breeding of this globally important crop. 
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