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  1. Earis, Philip (Ed.)
    Perovskite photovoltaics (PVs) are under intensive development for promise in terrestrial energy production. Soon, the community will find out how much of that promise may become reality. Perovskites also open new opportunities for lower cost space power. However, radiation tolerance of space environments requires appropriate analysis of relevant devices irradiated under representative radiation conditions. We present guidelines designed to rigorously test the radiation tolerance of perovskite PVs. We review radiation conditions in common orbits, calculate nonionizing and ionizing energy losses (NIEL and IEL) for perovskites, and prioritize proton radiation for effective nuclear interactions. Low-energy protons (0.05–0.15 MeV) create a representative uniform damage profile, whereas higher energy protons (commonly used in ground-based evaluation) require significantly higher fluence to accumulate the equivalent displacement damage dose due to lower scattering probability. Furthermore, high-energy protons may ‘‘heal’’ devices through increased electronic ionization. These procedural guidelines differ from those used to test conventional semiconductors. 
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  2. A new species, Gamasodes pachysetis Yao & Jin sp. nov., is described based on deutonymphs and adults from Jiangsu and Taiwan provinces, China. A nominal species, Gamasodes spiniger Trägårdh, 1910, new to China, is redescribed also based on deutonymph and adults from Guizhou Province. A key to Gamasodes species of China is presented. 
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  3. null (Ed.)
    We investigate the problem of delay-efficient and reliable data delivery in ultra-dense networks (UDNs) that constitute macro base stations (MBSs), small base stations (SBSs), and mobile users. Considering a two-hop data delivery system, we propose a partial decode-and-forward (PDF) relaying strategy together with a simple and intuitive amicable encoding scheme for rateless codes to significantly improve user experience in terms of end-to-end delay. Simulation results verify that our amicable encoding scheme is efficient in improving the intermediate performance of rateless codes. It also verifies that our proposed PDF significantly improves the performance of the decode-and-forward (DF) strategy, and that PDF is much more robust against channel degradation. Overall, the proposed strategy and encoding scheme are efficient towards delay-sensitive data delivery in the UDN scenarios. 
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  4. Rafferty, A. N. ; Whitehill, J. ; Cavalli-Sforza, V. ; Romero, C. (Ed.)