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  1. Abstract

    Methods such as Layer Normalization (LN) and Batch Normalization have proven to be effective in improving the training of Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs). However, existing methods normalize using only the instantaneous information at one particular time step, and the result of the normalization is a preactivation state with a time-independent distribution. This implementation fails to account for certain temporal differences inherent in the inputs and the architecture of RNNs. Since these networks share weights across time steps, it may also be desirable to account for the connections between time steps in the normalization scheme. In this paper, we propose a normalization method called Assorted-Time Normalization (ATN), which preserves information from multiple consecutive time steps and normalizes using them. This setup allows us to introduce longer time dependencies into the traditional normalization methods without introducing any new trainable parameters. We present theoretical derivations for the gradient propagation and prove the weight scaling invariance property. Our experiments applying ATN to LN demonstrate consistent improvement on various tasks, such as Adding, Copying, and Denoise Problems and Language Modeling Problems.

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  5. Cussens, James ; Zhang, Kun (Ed.)
    Nonlinear monotone transformations are used extensively in normalizing flows to construct invertible triangular mappings from simple distributions to complex ones. In existing literature, monotonicity is usually enforced by restricting function classes or model parameters and the inverse transformation is often approximated by root-finding algorithms as a closed-form inverse is unavailable. In this paper, we introduce a new integral-based approach termed: Atomic Unrestricted Time Machine (AUTM), equipped with unrestricted integrands and easy-to-compute explicit inverse. AUTM offers a versatile and efficient way to the design of normalizing flows with explicit inverse and unrestricted function classes or parameters. Theoretically, we present a constructive proof that AUTM is universal: all monotonic normalizing flows can be viewed as limits of AUTM flows. We provide a concrete example to show how to approximate any given monotonic normalizing flow using AUTM flows with guaranteed convergence. The result implies that AUTM can be used to transform an existing flow into a new one equipped with explicit inverse and unrestricted parameters. The performance of the new approach is evaluated on high dimensional density estimation, variational inference and image generation. Experiments demonstrate superior speed and memory efficiency of AUTM. 
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