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  1. Surface functionalization is an essential aspect of nanoparticle design and preparation; it can impart stability, processability, functionality, as well as tailor optoelectronic properties that facilitate future applications. Herein we report a new approach toward modifying germanium nanoparticle (GeNP) surfaces and for the first time tether alkyl chains to the NP surfaces through Si–Ge bonds. This was achieved via heteronuclear dehydrocoupling reactions involving alkylsilanes and Ge–H moieties on the NP surfaces. The resulting solution processable RR′ 2 Si–GeNPs (R = octadecyl or PDMS; R′ = H or CH 3 ) were characterized using FTIR, Raman, 1 H-NMR, XRD, TEM, HAADF, and EELS and were found to retain the crystallinity of the parent GeNP platform.