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  1. Abstract

    A cavity‐magnonic system composed of a superconducting microwave resonator coupled to a magnon mode hosted by the organic‐based ferrimagnet vanadium tetracyanoethylene (V[TCNE]x) is demonstrated. This work is motivated by the challenge of scalably integrating a low‐damping magnetic system with planar superconducting circuits. V[TCNE]xhas ultra‐low intrinsic damping, can be grown at low processing temperatures on arbitrary substrates, and can be patterned via electron beam lithography. The devices operate in the strong coupling regime, with a cooperativity exceeding 1000 for coupling between the Kittel mode and the resonator mode at T≈0.4 K, suitable for scalable quantum circuit integration. Higher‐order magnon modes are also observed with much narrower linewidths than the Kittel mode. This work paves the way for high‐cooperativity hybrid quantum devices in which magnonic circuits can be designed and fabricated as easily as electrical wires.

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