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  1. Abstract

    Ultrafast laser excitation provides a means to transiently realize long-range ordered electronic states of matter that are hidden in thermal equilibrium. Recently, this approach has unveiled a variety of thermally inaccessible ordered states in strongly correlated materials, including charge density wave, ferroelectric, magnetic, and intertwined charge-orbital ordered states. However, more exotic hidden states exhibiting higher multipolar ordering remain elusive owing to the challenge of directly manipulating and detecting them with light. Here we demonstrate a method to induce a dynamical transition from a thermally allowed to a thermally forbidden spin-orbit entangled quadrupolar ordered state in Ca2RuO4by coherently exciting a phonon that is strongly coupled to the order parameter. Combining probe photon energy-resolved coherent phonon spectroscopy measurements with model Hamiltonian calculations, we show that the dynamical transition is manifested through anomalies in the temperature, pump excitation fluence, and probe photon energy dependence of the strongly coupled phonon. With this procedure, we introduce a general pathway to uncover hidden multipolar ordered states and to control their re-orientation on ultrashort timescales.

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